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Events and activities in the city of Maribor

Rački Ribniki – Požeg Nature Park

Oasis of peace and life

Unspoiled nature and the opportunity to learn about plants and animals, while enjoying relaxation and peace.

The Rački Ribniki – Požeg Nature Park is located at the edge of the Dravsko Polje and measures 484 hectars; it features mostly lowland mixed forests, meadows with hedges and standing water (ponds and reservoirs).

The park is an incredibly important complex in the lowlands of Slovenia, since it represents the habitat of rare and endangered plant and animal species – not only in the region and Slovenia but also wider. The area is home to over 210 species of birds, 50 species of dragonflies and 12 species of amphibians, pointing out just the few of most noticeable and loudest of animal species.

The park is interesting for visitors, who will encounter unspoiled nature, learn about plants and animals and have opportunities to relax and enjoy peace. Because of its lowland position and easy access, the park is suitable for visitors of all age groups. The trails in the park are marked and equipped with signs that point out important animal and plant species and, by the entrance, you can locate the information


At 1543 metres above sea level, you can find thickly covered forests and the primeval forest Šumik, clearings and pastures, the untouched waters of Pohorje, and waterfalls and peat moors with small lakes. Pohorje is home to the biggest butterfly in Europe and many other valuable animal species. The natural sights inspire both nature lovers and professionals.  

Maribor City Park

Leave the noise of the city behind and take a walk through the beautifully landscaped City Park, where you will discover three ponds, the popular Aquarium and terrarium, and the playground. The path, which weaves through all types of trees, artfully arranged flower beds, water fountains, and by the hill of roses, will let you relax and calm your mind. You can sit on the banks by the beautiful ponds and enjoy the company of water birds or take a rest under the crowns of giant trees.

The Maribor City Park is a popular promenade and meeting point for residents of all generations and an inviting spot for all visitors of this city by the Drava River. Many of the trees in the park are over 140 years old and, since 1976, the area is protected as a landscape monument.

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Lent Festival, international multicultural festival

The story of the Lent Festival is the story of evenings that smell like summer and invite you to socialize, to get out, under the starry sky, among colourful lights, sounds, rhythms. To the squares that become venues, to the streets that ripple with a colorful river of visitors from all over the world, to a place where you meet with friends. The Lent Festival is a festival that widely opens the doors of the city. The doors through which we will enter the summer for the thirtieth time.