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SURVEY HOTEL Arena SURVEY Thank you for choosing our hotel and supporting our sustainability efforts. We believe that every small step towards a greener future matters, and your feedback will be invaluable in improving our sustainable practices. We kindly ask you to take a few...

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Massages under Pohorje

hotel arena Massages under Pohorje Massages have beneficial effects on the skin, muscles, blood circulation and metabolism. In addition to the mechanical and physiological effect, it also has a psychological effect, as it affects well-being. Massages eliminate stress, tension and insomnia, eliminates and relieves pain...

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Maribor — The city that lives; Book a room now!

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Foxy Negroni

Foxy Negroni — Bittersweet and dressed in foxy hues, the Foxy Negroni is a house cocktail that is the perfect companion for a leisurely afternoon at the lobby bar.  

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Tips for the best view

Tip for the best view That you will find exactly what you want! A night view of the city of Maribor in the shining lights or the Pohora canopy illuminated by the morning sun? Something for every pair of eyes.