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Pohorje ski slope

Pohorje Ski Slope HOTEL Arena Pohorski smuk is skiing on a green slope that combines the legendary RC Elan skis and the Maribor ski center -Pohorje. In this year’s version of the event, the competition will take place on 17.9.2022. SKIING ON THE GREEN SLOPE...

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Twisted Fox

TWISTED FOX HOTEL Arena Twisted fox We can’t imagine summer without refreshing drinks – this summer you can spice it up with the excellent Twisted fox cocktail. Previous Next


Massages under Pohorje

hotel arena Massages under Pohorje Massages have beneficial effects on the skin, muscles, blood circulation and metabolism. In addition to the mechanical and physiological effect, it also has a psychological effect, as it affects well-being. Massages eliminate stress, tension and insomnia, eliminates and relieves pain...

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Maribor — The city that lives; Book a room now!

50% OFF

hotel arena 50% OFF Stay two nights for the price of one! Enjoy the embrace of Pohorje forest and newly renovated Hotel Arena.   The price of the first night is 120 €, the second night is free of charge.The special offer is valid from...