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Mariborsko pohorje

The biggest ski center in Slovenia, the Maribor city ski resort, is a gathering place for all kinds of snow enthusiasts - those on skis, snowboards or sleds.

With its range of easy and more challenging trails, Pohorje is suitable for all skiers, and it has especially established itself as a popular family ski resort. There are approximately 6 km of cross-country trails on the Ruško Pohorje in Areh.

Maribor's Snow Stadium is also the traditional venue for the annual Women's Alpine Skiing World Cup (Golden Fox).

You can access the ski slopes by gondola, which is located only 150m away from the hotel.

Ski slopes

  • Tourist slopes, 3.500 m, difficulty

  • Andrejeva slope, 1.200m, difficulty

  • Bellevue slopes, 300m, difficulty

  • Mariborski slalom slopes, 1.200m, difficulty

  • Miran slopes A, 2.200m, difficulty

  • Miran slopes B, 700m, difficulty

  • Gradis slopes, 900m, difficulty

  • FIS slalom slopes, 800m, difficulty

  • Repova slope, 1.000m, difficulty

  • Flat slopes, 600m, difficulty

  • Markova slope, 1.000m, difficulty

  • Marinkova slope, 1.000m, difficulty

  • Glažarska route, 3.8000m, difficulty

  • Areška route, 3.500m, difficulty

  • Cvirnova slope, 1.700m, difficulty

  • Ruški downhill, 1.400m, difficulty

  • School buildings, 500m, difficulty

  • Partizanovo slope, 880m, difficulty

  • Little X 1, 900m, difficulty

  • Little X 2, 1.500m, difficulty
  • Connecting Žigart slopes, 800m, difficulty
  • Žigart slope, 500m, difficulty
  • Pisker slope, 1.800m, difficulty

  • Cojzerica slope, 700m, difficulty

Check the situation on the ski slopes - Live webcams allow you to see the weather and snow coverage of the ski slopes from home:
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